Zoom for Telehealth API and JWT App Type deprecation

How is the JWT App type deprecation doing to impact the usage of the Zoom for Telehealth APIs, since the JWT API key and secret are a critical part of using them. Are they still going to be supported and if so what setup needs to be done to continue to use them.



Is there a specific integration that you are asking about? We are working with a few of these integrations to help them migrate away from JWT. Stay tuned for more updates.


We followed Eddie’s blog posting (Integrating Zoom Into Your EMR Platform | by Eddie Soliman | Medium) about interating Zoom into your EMR, and we used a JWT app type to get the API key and secret from it. It doesn’t seem obvious that using a Server-to-Server OAuth app would allow the same setup to work.

Hi @gbusler ,

We are working internally to help them migrate from JWT. We will update you as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience.


Well, it seems like something must have been done to remove the JWT dependency from the Zoom for Telehealth API since I received a request from Zoom, that there was a new version of the EPIC and EPIC FHIR apps which could be updated to address the JWT to OAuth migration.

Can you offer any guidance on what would need to be done now that it looks like the Zoom for Telehealth API now supports OAuth?