Zoom Telehealth API Credentials for EHR Vendor integration


As we move further into the integration of zoom into our EHR platform, there is something that needs clarification as to how authentication would work in our case.

We as an EHR vendor are working towards integrating Zoom as a Telehealth partner / solution for our clients. Each of our clients would be an account of their own with their own users without any dependency / sharing of information / data / licenses.

With that background, we would like to know how the authentication piece would fall in place. What API Key / Secret Key would we be required to use? Would we have to somehow capture each of our clients credentials and pass them per request that way? Or do we get a single API credentials for all our clients so that we don’t need to capture them per client.

The follow up question would be, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the telehealth API call that will identify the client for which the call is being made, other than the API Key and so not sure how the clients would get distinguished and the whole reason for seeking clarification here.



Hi Sri,

Each client would provide their API Key/Secret to you (configure on your app). When sending a request to Zoom to start/join a telehealth meeting, the client’s API Secret is used to encrypt some of the data in the requst. The client’s API key is also included in the request. Zoom will use the API key in the request to determine the client (account).