Zoom Free LIcense and REST API

This page – https://zoom.us/pricing says Zoom Free license does not have the REST API. But, I tried a create meeting request with a free user and it worked.

I received an email today that included one bullet that stated – If you are using a Zoom free plan, you will need more API calls to provide uninterrupted services…

Can anyone provide definitive documentation on what API calls will work with a Free license now and in the future?


Hey @kkoellner,

We will release info on the free version of the API closer to the release in Jan 2020.

For free accounts, the APIs will work unless otherwise stated on the endpoints page, just the rate limiting, the amount of times and how often you request the API will be limited.

In the meantime, the rate limits for paid accounts are listed here:



Thanks for the update. That is great info. I’ll keep a watch out for the latest docs in Jan.


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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

You can keep an eye on our change log here too: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog