Zoom historical use?

We want to understand the use of Zoom at our office but I haven’t found a function on the API that does it. There’s “List of Meetings” but I’m not interested in the scheduled info but in the use info (scheduled or not).
The information I would like is:
{‘meeting_id’: ‘’,
‘participants’:’’, … }
It’s for analytics purposes by now but not for an app. Is it there a method to do that?

Hi @tommy, can you or anyone from Zoom help me? Please.

Hi @myrthings, if you are looking for usage info, I would use our Reports APIs, including the Meeting Participant Reports. Let us know if this is what you’re looking for!

Thanks @michael.harrington!
However, I was looking for a function that gives the data in “Control Pannel -> Meetings” dashboard. I’ve found it and I can download it for the past year, and it’s enough for me. But it could be awesome if it can be found in the api!
Thanks! :blush:

Hey @myrthings,

Please also see the Dashboard APIs.