Zoom integration in Flutter web view permission issue

I’m encountering a problem with Flutter’s web view. When attempting to access a Zoom meeting URL, I’m unable to grant permission for the camera and microphone, despite having already set the necessary permissions in the application. I would greatly appreciate assistance in resolving this issue and implementing the desired functionality.


Thank you for posting on the Zoom Developer Forum. First, could you provide more details about what happens when you grant permission to the camera and microphone? Additionally, could you please share a screenshot of the permissions you have already set for the application?


I attempted to integrate the Zoom Meet SDK into my Flutter app. Initially, I tried using a web view, but I encountered some issues, so I decided to switch to using the SDK.

Currently, there are packages available that facilitate this integration, and I’ve chosen to use the “flutter_zoom_sdk” package.

Here are the steps I’ve followed:

  1. I created an application in the Zoom Marketplace and obtained both the Client ID and Client Secret ID.
  2. I used the “flutter_zoom_sdk” package to initialize the SDK, providing it with the mansion IDs.
  3. However, when attempting to add the meeting ID and password, I encountered an issue stating, “No meeting is running,” along with a notification that the Zoom SDK version is too low.

I’m seeking assistance with this integration because I need to incorporate the Zoom Meet SDK into my Flutter app. Please provide guidance on resolving these issues, or if there are alternative approaches to achieve this integration. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Currently, we do not have a Zoom Meeting SDK Flutter app nor an official package for it – only for Video SDK.

Can you please tell me when the SDK can be available?