ZOOM integration - Multiple account


We have integrated Zoom in our application via the API. Everything is working fine.
However, our client plans to subscribe to a plan with different licenses to create different accounts.

It is an online course application. We integrated Zoom so that the administrator (our client) has an account and the coaches (or teachers) are co-hosts. So we took a classic model with a Zoom license.

However, with a multi-license, how can we integrate the application?

Thank you

Hi @Alt,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question—to clarify, will you be handling the licensing for your customer’s users via API, or will they be handling this on their own?

Depending on which case, you may find our Master APIs to be the best solution. These are intended for people who are managing Zoom accounts/licensing on behalf of other Zoom customers:

Let me know when you have a chance!

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