Zoom integration with a website

I am a teacher and I have a website that student can register and pay then can join my classes.

When the link is sharing some students can join without paying to my classes with the help of a paid student by requesting him for the link of the class. So I need to use registration for meeting that i host. I cannot register my students manually and they also can’t register for the meeting manually. So, I need SDK setup for auto register students after they pay for the class and the link is unique for that student. Unregistered persons cannot attend the meeting and same link is cannot be used to join two students.
How I setup this?

Hey @chathsain,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. If you wanted to register a user for your meeting using the API you would want to use the Add Meeting Registrant API. You can use the unique join_url from that so the registrant will join with the information they used at registration.

Let me know if that helps.



Can you provide me a example of source code of a developed web page?
Or help me for create webpage using Add Meeting Registrant


Thank you for your reply, @chathsain ! Are you able to share more details regarding your requirement ? An example mock up or a clear step-by-step description of the requirement would be helpful. Currently, it is unclear exactly what you want to see in the example source code. If you are looking to test the workflow and inspect the Add Meeting Registrant API Request/Response, you can use Postman for that. Here is our help documentation on Using Postman to Test Zoom APIs:

Let me know if this helps.



I would like to have a full source codes of Add Meeting Registrant API that can apply for create a full system.


Hey @chathsain,

Unfortunately, we don’t have code examples to show how to build a web page to wrap our Add Meeting Registrant API. However, if you’re familiar with building a web page it would follow the same process.

You’ll just want to add input tags for the registration information you want. At a minimum, we require a first name and email address. From there, you would submit the data to your server where your backend would make the POST request to add the registrant.

I hope that helps!


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