Zoom Integration with WordPress as well as showing on your frontend

This post might be helpful to those who are trying to integrate Zoom API using PHP on their system using JWT token so i have decided to post my plugin link as a reference to that.

For WordPress: Also, i would like to point that this plugin fairly simplifies development process in integration Zoom API into your WordPress site. Please note, i have made this plugin to be extendable for developers ( suggestions appreciated ). So, please request here or in plugin support forum to add more hooks for extendability. If feasible i’ll add them happily for ya.

Send in PR requests in github as well if you feel like it could be game changer in this plugin.

Plugin is https://wordpress.org/plugins/video-conferencing-with-zoom-api/ - I am the author of this plugin and been actively maintaining the plugin for years now. Let’s integrate seamlessly for Zoom in WordPress as well !!!

From version 3.2.0, i have integrated Zoom’s WebSDK feature which allows you to join meetings directly through your browser as well.

So, worth it to try it out. No Costs !


Thanks @techies23 for contributing to the Zoom and Wordpress developer communities! :slight_smile:


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