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We have created an OAuth app following the Docebo instructions and have been able to successfully get the App built in the Zoom Marketplace to pair with Docebo. When our students join the course they are logged in as themselves and are not hosts. But when our instructor logs in they are logged into the meeting as the admin that created the OAuth app used for Docebo integration.

Is there a way to have them pull from their credentials like the students and still appoint them as hosts or co-hosts of the meeting? We do not want to make all of our instructors admins to create their own OAuth app to get individual connections.

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I am not sure about if oauth can be used like that. i integrated zoom to a web system but i used jwt, with the api credentials i can join meetings without log in… i am not sure if you can use an account for more than one meeting… i my case i can not did it (only 1 meeting per account worked)… so we have multiple accounts used as meeting rooms… hope this helps… if you need to learn jwt i can tell u how i managed it on my system… regards :slight_smile:

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Hey @gcrawford88,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I would try reaching out to the Docebo team with your question. It looks like they have you create a User Managed OAuth app on your account which means that the integration should be able to make requests on behalf of any user that has installed it.

They may be able to make a configuration change on their end that would allow another user to be a host or for an alternative host to be set.


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