Zoom iOS SDK (Joining Webinar)

 Hi Sir,

I need to integrate Zoom in my iOS application we have backend running on moodle which allow our client to add Webinars using zoom. 

As per our requirement we want user to be able to see the webinar within the application. On web end we have generated joining links. 

Please guide us how can we make same in iOS SDK, Any documentation will be great help for us 

Hi Harminder, 

In iOS SDK, you can take a look at the “MobileRTCPremeetingService.h” class. There are two function you can utilize: 

(BOOL)listMeeting;  (BOOL)isWebinarMeeting;

you can use list Meeting to get all meeting and webinar belonged to the signed in account, and use isWebinarMeeting to filter all webinars. 


Hi Sir,

Let me elaborate the detailed requirement of our solution. We are not registering users directly to zoom. We are just adding them to webinar and a link is generated using which user can open the webinar.

Please share the details how can we user this with the Zoom Stack. 

Thanks Regards
Harminder Singh

Hi All,

We have spent some time in getting details of SDK, We found some methods which might help us. But we are not having much details how to use it.

As per the requirement we need to join user with the webinar url We check as the param dictionary we can pass a argument of the webinar token which I think is part of the joining url.(correct me if its not that and share how can we get this token)
e.g. https://zoom.us/w/630281803?tk= FylrjJvjyABqw6JDRVCafDkwQ6eKoduvoTWYpg-TuS4.DQEAAAAAJZFWSxZPeWNwTWtEUlM0eU8ycUQxeHk5bXlnAA in this FylrjJvjyABqw6JDRVCafDkwQ6eKoduvoTWYpg-TuS4.DQEAAAAAJZFWSxZPeWNwTWtEUlM0eU8ycUQxeHk5bXlnAA   can be the webinar token

let dic = [kMeetingParam_WebinarToken: “FylrjJvjyABqw6JDRVCafDkwQ6eKoduvoTWYpg-TuS4.DQEAAAAAJZFWSxZPeWNwTWtEUlM0eU8ycUQxeHk5bXlnAA” ];

let ret = service?.joinMeeting(with: dic); print(“join meeting ret: (ret)”);


But when we try to use it it gave us error code 99. which means invalid argument exception 

Please suggest. 

Thanks Regards
Harminder Singh

Hi All,

I found the solution i need to pass the meeting id along with the token it works for me.

Harminder Singh 

Closing as solved.