Zoom ISV Auto Recording


ISV meetings created with the API are only auto-recording the first instance or occurrence of that meeting. When a custom-created ISV host uses that meeting URL for a second occurrence, say at a later date, auto-record does not occur. The host must manually record the Zoom session.

Is there a way to auto-record all ISV meetings regardless? If an ISV meeting in my org is occurring, I want it auto-recorded. Zoom settings indicate the following: “Record meetings automatically as they start

Thank you!

hi @jordanzurowski
Thanks for reaching out to the zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
If you are generating the meeting via API you should be able to enable autorecording for all meetings and this should not affect recurring meetings.
I have never seen this behavior before, so if you are using the API, would you mind sharing with me the request body you are sending upon meeting creation so I can try and replicate this issue on my end?
Thanks a lot