Zoom kicks iPads out after few mins in the call after the update to iOS 14.4.2 and latest zoom version

We have some iPads that are being kicked out of Zoom class sessions every few minutes when they log into the class session. It is not all the kids in a class, but just seems to be the same iPads. We have a strong internet connection and have tested it on the Meraki ap device in the room. The iPads are running 14.4.2 and the newest version of zoom.

I have tried reinstalling Zoom, I have looked at the iPads for anything on them. I have even set up a couple students with a different iPad and yet it still seems to happen.

It started right after we had an iOS update along with a Zoom update the beginning of April. And sometimes it seems like it doesn’t like the headphones plugged into the iPad for the zoom session which the students must have. I can try and different set yet it still does the same thing. The error message is that there is a network connection issue.

Any ideas of what to do?

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