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When i am joining Meeting it will redirect to Connecting page and showed connecting then after 5 seconds its crash and main thread in redirect to app delegate .

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  2. Click on ‘…’
  3. Scroll down to ‘…’
  4. See error

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  • Device: [iPhone 8]
  • OS: [iOS13]
  • Version [13.6]

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Kindly Help me i am stuck on the Final Stage of Zoom.

I think this is the same issue: Zoom iOS app crashes on calling start meeting

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I have the same issue when joining meeting, however I found out that it might be related to camera and microphone permissions are not being asked. If I reinstall the app and allow permissions before joining meeting it does not crash. On previous version of zoom sdk it was asking for permissions directly after clicking join event, now its not.

Maybe it will help someone

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The solution above does not work for me. This is being looked into at the moment: Zoom iOS app crashes on calling start meeting

Hey @jailovemewara

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry that this is happening, crashes are unacceptable. The team has identified the issue and will have a fix in the next version. For the time being, can you see if these steps stop the crash in your application? Zoom crshes/stops working after few mins in the call after the update to iOS 14 on iphone XR

If you are utilizing screensharing, you must also perform the following changes:

Please let me know if this works for you and if any other issues arise.

Thanks you For your Updates Will Let you know if its work for me.

Hello @jailovemewara, @tingstam, @mikhail1, @Deve87726,

We have resolved the crashing issue in the latest release: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/releases/tag/v5.2.41739.1022 and the workaround mentioned earlier should no longer be necessary. Please update to the latest version.

Let me know if you run into any other issues.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and your assistance and patience throughout this process!

I am facing the crash issue even after updating the SDK to the latest version.But the crash occurs only for the first time when the user starts a meeting. Please suggest a solution.

Hey @eduzoom_1,

Can you please provide some reproduction steps so that we can investigate your crash?


Steps to reproduce:-1) Click to “Host a meeting”
2) Wait for the zoom screen.
3) Now it will show “connecting…” on the navigation bar and the app crashes.!

(Unable to find any crash logs for the crash in Xcode)
Note:-This crash occurs only for the first time for each user.

Device Details: iPhone SE 2020(OS 13.5.1)

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-17 at 12.08.57 PM|281x500

Hey @eduzoom_1

Interesting. Lets troubleshoot a few things, and hopefully we can get to the bottom of what is happening :slight_smile:

  1. Currently, the iOS SDK does not support SceneDelegates. Can you verify that the SceneDelegate files have been removed from your project, the scenesession functions have been removed from your AppDelegate, and that “Application Scene Manifest” has been removed from your info.plist?
  2. The SDK needs a UIWindow to handle presentation. Can you verify that your appDelegate has a property: “var window: UIWindow?”?
  3. Are you using setMobileRTCRootController?


1.Yes. I do not have anything related to SceneDelegate in my project.
2.I have “window” property in AppDelegate.
3.I am not using setMobileRTCRootController.

Hey @eduzoom_1

Can you try updating to the most recent version: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/releases/tag/v5.2.42037.1112


It works!! Thank you.

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