REST API: Add Recurrence object to retrieve Meeting response for type=8


In our Zoom integration we support a workflow where users can create and edit Zoom meetings. We leverage the REST API for this.

I’m trying to add support for the newer meeting type “Recurring with fixed time”, i.e. type=8.  However, it seems the retrieve Meeting endpoint, i.e GET to{meetingId}

does not return the Recurrence child object data that defines the type 8 Meeting’s current recurrence configuration.  It returns the ‘occurrences’ array of the actual upcoming meeting dates, which is great.  But without the current ‘recurrence’ field data that fundamentally defines the recurrence, it makes it impossible to implement an edit UI which defaults in the current recurrence parameters, allowing the user to then make changes.

So in order to support such a retrieve-edit-update workflow for type 8 Meetings, it would be nice if the retrieve Meeting endpoint returned a ‘recurrence’ child object for type 8 meetings, similar to the Recurrence object used to create and update such meeting types.

Thanks for considering this feature request.


Hi Brent, 

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll report this back to our Engineers to see when this feature can be implemented on our future roadmap.