Zoom Local Recording to be automatically saved to Google drive (Google Suite users)

We use Zoom on a daily basis, multiple end users, multiple accounts under one business account. Recently we breached the cloud threshold to 400% users aren’t saving to their local drives and migrating to the provided G drive spaces.
We are wondering about the possibility of configuring zoom to save it locally but mapping the Google drive as the destination drive or path.
We’ve been told by the chat support that this is subject to dev team to review and the community would have more information on this.


Hi @tech-tgbs , could you please clarify what you mean by local drive? Did you mean implementing a local recording and then uploading to the Google Drive?

Hi Gianni,

Thanks for the follow-through. Initially, the default setup was configured to save on the Zoom cloud recording. Since there is a storage issue, we shifted to local recording. However, these are being stored on the end user’s machine, but we need to have it centralized to our cloud provider. On this case, we have a huge ample free storage - Google Drive since we have Enterprise users. We want to take advantage of that. However, I’ve raised this to your support team and they advised this is only works with Dropbox.

We were wondering if there is a way this can be configured to save automatically on our google drive. This way we don’t have to do this manually, uploading the recording to the G drive, zoom would just do it automatically for us without the need of manual task of the IT team.

Let me know if this is something can be done. Thanks for getting back to us.

Best Regards,

Erwin - Tech TGBS

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