Zoom LTI Pro double encoding meeting ids


We were investigating why Zoom LTI 1.3 meeting reports were coming up blank. We have a ticket opened now, but just wanted to see if others had the same issue.

For meetings that are recurring, the API has to use a UUID.

According to spec: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/reportMeetingDetails

If you provide a meeting UUID that begins with a / character or contains the // characters, you must double encode the meeting UUID before making an API request.

However, we’re noticing that for

TEST.ZOOM.JHTEST - Recurring Testing
Meeting ID: 920 0727 4568

it should be sending https://zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/bi%2FwHAuARKqvBYhZIshGrw%3D%3D

but it’s sending (according to the call log)


and failing with a “code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: bi%2FwHAuARKqvBYhZIshGrw%3D%3D.”

So it may inappropriately double encoding meeting_id = bi%2FwHAuARKqvBYhZIshGrw%3D%3D

How To Reproduce

  1. create a recurring meeting via LTI Pro
  2. launch and end the meeting
  3. wait for the report link to appear
  4. click on the report link


no meeting report

if you check the zoom call logs, you will see an 404 error, and the details would say

"response": {
"code": 3001,
"message": "Meeting does not exist: bi%2FwHAuARKqvBYhZIshGrw%3D%3D."

Zoom deployed a fix on Sunday. We confirm recurring meeting reports now return attendee data.

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