Zoom Meeting Recording via Meeting UUID throwing a 3001 not found error even after double encoding

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Hello Team,

I’m using both Postman and Jupyter Notebook to GET the full meeting recording list using the meeting UUID but i keep getting a code 3301 “This recording does not exist”

Code 3301 "This recording does not exist

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For some reason I can’t post media items here so no screenshots but I used Postman and Jupyter Notebooks to test them

Meeting information
GET ‘{{baseUrl}}/v2/meetings/867462772/’

Result: “uuid”: “/PLZd4qOS5Wo0e3qu9iu0A==” plus more information

After the UUID has been Double Encoded

GET {{baseUrl}}/v2/meetings/%252FPLZd4qOS5Wo0e3qu9iu0A%253D%253D

Result: same as above so it works but if I get this:

GET '{{baseUrl}}/v2/meetings/%252FPLZd4qOS5Wo0e3qu9iu0A%253D%253D/recordings

“code”: 3301,
“message”: “This recording does not exist.”

I know the double encoding is correct since I can use it to pull the meeting information.

I get the same result using the http.client library using Python in Jupyter Notebooks.

Additional context
Thanks everyone. Cheers.

Hi @josorio

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
What I think its happening here is that you are using a meeting uuid of an upcoming meeting.
Could you please try calling List past meeting instances

With this endpoint you will get uuids from past instances.

Hope this helps

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