Zoom Marketplace - Direct Landing URL

Preparing an app for submission and stuck on “Direct Landing URL” for install.
We don’t have a singular publicly accessible install URL. We have many privately accessible install URLs.

We have built a custom integration to authorize and install the app with one step from within our client sites using oauth so we are unsure of what to put here.

How do we proceed?

Hey @leibrock,

The direct landing url is optional. You can just choose to have the default install button like the GitHub app.

Or you could have the button navigate to your website like Spark

Does that clear things up?


I’m trying to accomplish the same thing as the OP and need some clarification.

I’m an engineer for a SaaS platform where each of my clients also has their own subdomain, e.g.: clienta.mysaas.com

Because of that, a single redirect uri doesn’t work because they authenticate within my app based on the subdomain.

What I need to do is allow the user to go to clienta.mysaas.com, login to my application and then click a button to install Zoom. So what I need to do from there is pass their subdomain clienta as a state query parameter so that the redirect_uri that I setup in my OAuth app now has a context of the client so it knows how to store access/refresh tokens for that particular client.

Does Visit site to Install accomplish that? Is it possible to do that?

Hi @tommy I work with @leibrock and I understand your response here, but we are at a new issue now.

I’m trying to get the multi-environment OAuth redirects set up with the “any” subdomain as described here https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/auth/oauth#using-multiple-environments

I can’t seem to get it to work, even though it looks like I’ve set it up as described.

The OAuth redirect fails:

Hey @jeffatpresence, @thandley,

Yes, checkout my post here:

@thandley, please try whitelisting just https://civicclerkqa.com


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EDIT: posted this in wrong thread, reposting here.
Thanks @tommy that helped me get one of my environments working.
I think I might need to make two apps to support my use case unless you can answer this problem too:

I have two versions of my application, the new one is a full rewrite with totally different URL scheme.

So the old version has OAuth redirect here: https://customer.civicclerk.com/admin/setup/zoom.aspx

The new version has OAuth redirect here: https://customer.v8.civicclerk.com/SiteSettings/GlobalSettings/Integrations/Zoom/ConnectToZoom

Your suggestion has allowed me to get the old version of my app working, or the new version working, but not both at the same time.

Am I correct at this point I will need two different apps to accomplish this?

Hey @thandley,

Since the base url, civicclerk.com is the same, you can just whitelist civicclerk.com, and then add the respective redirect url in the query param of the authorization request.

Does that make sense?