Zoom Meeting API

We are querying calls through APIs, and when checking solely by calls, we are not able to retrieve the calls made by users. However, if we use the meeting IDs in the search, we obtain the desired results. Could you please guide us on how to perform the query without needing the meeting IDs

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What do you mean by this? I don’t understand @modernworklab . Thanks in advance.

@modernworklab Hope you will be fine.

Here are the sessions

If you still have any queries please share.


We are currently encountering challenges when querying user calls through the Zoom API, as the complete information of the calls is not displayed as expected. At present, we are compelled to request the ID of these calls to access their details through the API. However, we are exploring the possibility of retrieving this information without solely relying on the ID, by simply executing the call API

Please specify the ids and endpoints you’re referencing. In your initial post you talked about meetings. In the one quoted above, you are discussing “user calls”. It is not clear if you are referring to the Zoom Meetings product or Zoom Phone.

Outlining your process from start to finish with links to the endpoints would help me better understand :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to Zoom Phone, does this help? Understand Zoom Phone call history