Zoom phone fetch conference calls


I am using the zoom phone API to fetch our accounts phone calls

I wanted to understand how we can identify if the call was a conference call or not?
I could not find any field to identify this.
Any help here will be appreciated.

@elisa.zoom sorry to tag you here manually. Can you see if you can answer the above question please?

Hi @Puneeth
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and I am happy to help here!
Have you looked into our Webhooks?

@elisa.zoom I am looking for a solution to poll the Phone API and fetch call details.
And wanted know how to identify conference calls.
I am not as of now looking for a solution using webhook.

Ah I see @puneeth.ranganath
Thank you for the clarification.
Have you looked into the following endpoint?

@elisa.zoom Yes I have checked the above end point and as well as this:

But I could not find a field in the response which identifies a call as a conference(multiple participants).
Also if you see - the field “callee_number” is a string and does not support multiple values(as array or list).
So this is what I am trying to understand. Can you please help me regarding this?

@elisa.zoom @donte.zoom Can you please help here?

Hey @puneeth.ranganath
Thank you for sharing more details.
I do not see a field that will help you accomplish what you are looking for, as you mentioned the field “callee_number” is a string and does not support multiple values.

I did some testing on my end and I am not able to see more than one callee number whenever I have 2 people in the same call. I will keep troubleshooting this to see if I am able to get a workaround for this issue.