Zoom meeting attendee limits

i am creating zoom meetings through and have read that the created meetings might have an attendee/ registrant limit which depends on the host’s plan / license.
I am not able to get the meeting’s attendee limit from the GET meeting details api
But for a webinar i am able to get the registrant limit. Can someone confirm if there is a limit on zoom meetings and how do i get it.

Hi @abhilash1 ,

The registrant limit is available for for Get a Webinar API endpoint, but participant limit is not available via Get a Meeting. In order to see the participant limit do the following:

  1. Query Get a Meeting for the host id/host email:

  1. Then pass that value to Get Users Settings endpoint: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/userSettings

In the returned JSON response in the feature object, you will see the full breakdown of the meeting capacity for meetings created/hosted by that user :):

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Thanks for the response. This resolves our issue

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Great, glad to hear it!

@gianni.zoom after checking this api i have found another parameter large_meeting_capacity. this gets populated when the user has the large meeting license right and the large meeting capacity is applied to meetings. in case large meetings are enabled for the user should i still rely on meeting_capacity or should i switch to large_meeting_capactiy

Hi @abhilash1 ,

Are you able to compare the values for those two fields? Did meeting_capacity and large meeting capacity return the same when large_meeting what being used?

sorry we dont have access to large meetings on our account. so we are expecting info from your end

Hi @abhilash1 ,

It should return the same so the field may be redundant unless your results help indicate otherwise.