Zoom-meeting-embedded-2.4.5 eventlistener for component view

I am aware that there is an eventlistener if i use the clientview

 ZoomMtg.inMeetingServiceListener('onUserLeave', function (data) {

Unfortunately, i cannot find similar event listener when using the component view. Is this available? Kindly point me at it as i want to show a message to the user on the webpage when they leave the meeting.

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Thank you for posting @adigunsherif ! You’re right! At this time, there is no event listener for the component view. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for this feature and have it on the roadmap [ZOOM-375533]. No timeline is set at the moment. However, be sure to follow our blog, change log , and developer guides topics for the latest news, updates, and fixes.

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Don’t worry, even if you had this you would not be able to fully use it. It has been broken from day 1, as reported a year & half here.

This feature has never worked properly and no one had even really looked into this even if was reported multiple times.
I even created a feature request to try to get some additional things in it that would be interesting for an SDK, but again completely ignored.
I understand you have priorities, but it would be nice to also have features that really work as well as are maitained / improved over time.

Long story short: your event listener is useless until you have a proper user identification system accross their multiple connection attempts. (by using the provided name information for example, user account if used while connecting, etc.)