Zoom Meeting Integration in PHP


I have purchase zoom large meeting today & I want to integrate large meeting on my website.
the problem is I have no knowledge in Node.JS & my server doesn’t support Node.JS.
Can Zoom Developer Team Help me to Integrate zoom large meeting in my website with the Help of PHP?
I have tried Iframe

			width="680" height="490" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-forms"  style="overflow: hidden" allow="microphone; camera" 

After submitting the username & captcha verification page refresh and stay in login page means it is asking to submit user name again and again.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Please help me to Integrate zoom large meeting in my website with the Help of PHP

Niranjan K

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Hey @niranjan1,

Embedding the Zoom Client is not supported. If you want to integrate Zoom functionality to your web app, you’ll want to use the Web SDK. As I understand that you aren’t familiar with Node.js, you can find more information about building a sample app and working with the SDK here.

Let me know if that helps.


Dear Max,

My server also not supports Node.js so tell me simple solution on working on PHP


Niranjan K

try using Zoom API’s

Zoom API In PHP so that I can integrate

Your server does not need to run node.js, you can build the web client yourself on your local PC and then upload the files to your server. The web client is to join meetings (camera/audio) and is a (not 100%) replacement for the zoom desktop client, whereas the API is to set up meetings, register participants and so on but not to participate in a meeting.

I would suggest to just add a link “Join Zoom Meeting” which opens in a new tab (target="_blank") and you are done, you then have a Zoom meeting on your website.

Hey @niranjan1,

@jahrralf is correct. You can generate the signature needed for the Web SDK using PHP. We have a guide outlining this here. In terms of loading in the requisite files, you can always use the CDN method instead of a Node.Js method like NPM. That being said, a client-side JavaScript file is still required to run the Web SDK.

I hope that helps.


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