Zoom Meeting Not Recorded

We are getting reports from clients that their meetings aren’t being recorded. Was there some outage today? These users have Automatic Recording turned ON and Cloud Recordings set to ON and yet sometimes their meetings aren’t getting recorded.

Here’s a few example meeting uuids:

We walked the users through Zoom Settings and got a screenshot of their settings:

They are saying that usually Zoom is recording all their meetings automatically.

On a separate note one of the meetings for one of these users got recorded:
But we never received the recording.started webhook for it… We did receive the recording.stopped webhook though:

Received at [2020-07-23 15:21:16Z]

Also see the webhook delay - recording ended at 15:18:36 and we received webhook at 15:21:16

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Adding a few more meeting uuids here:

The customer is very frustrated and has absolutely no idea why her meetings are not recording. I hope you see a pattern to this @tommy

@tommy could you confirm the behaviour of the recording settings?

If I schedule a meeting with automatic cloud recording disabled, and later enable automatic recording on the account, when that scheduled meeting starts does it record?

Hey @jimig, @veselin.kulov,

We are looking into this and I will get back to you with an update.


Hey @veselin.kulov, @jimig,

Please bring this issue up to support.zoom.us since it is not a API Platform issue. They will be able to better assist. :slight_smile:


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