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We have run into an issue where we are hitting the daily rate limit for creating a meeting. In our workflow, we have multiple zoom users that create meetings using the API. However, sometimes some of the users exceed the limitation of a 100 meetings per day. Can this limitation be increased if we change our billing plan or is there some other resolution? Our current plan is the Pro version.

Hi @eirdoc, Yes you can increase. Please submit a ticket to Zoom Support about how much you need to increase that limit.

Hey @freelancer.nak
We had created a ticket request to raise the create a meeting rate limit, however the issue was automatically marked as closed and we were told to create a forum thread instead. Is there a specific support channel or subject that we need to use to raise the limit?

Please just start chatting from Zoom dashboard with Support Agent and then tell them to proceed with your request. They surely proceed with it.