Code:3301, There is no recording for this meeting

I can see via the Zoom portal that a meeting has 3 recordings.

When I use the API to list these recordings using
the response is
{“code”:3301,“message”:“There is no recording for this meeting”}

The recordings are not listed

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Rest client using JWT

Which Endpoint/s? (GET)

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  2. See error

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I also tried using{0}/recordings with the mtg’s uuid with the same result

Hey @steve.gibbs, this is definitely odd - I’ll take a look at this and see what we can find.

Hi Michael,

Did you manage to find the source of this problem?

Really keen for a solution.



Hey @steve.gibbs,

Can you try using the meetingUUID instead of the meetingID?


Hi Tommy,

Yes, you will see that I tried that as well.



Hey @steve.gibbs,

Can you private message me the meetingUUID so I can debug?


Was your issue resolved, i am facing the same issue and need a solution asap.

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately it has not been fixed.

I too am desperate for this to be fixed…

Hi @Daniel.Dawson

Just got the reply…

Getting the recording file list using{0}/recordings using the Int64 MtgID does not work. You need to use the UUID.

However, the UUID changes once the mtg has finished (What!!!) so you need to get the new UUID by using{0} using the Int64 MtgID.

This worked for me.

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Hey @Daniel.Dawson,

Like @steve.gibbs mentioned, please try using the meetingUUID of an ended meeting.

You can get the meetingUUID in the following ways: