Zoom meeting SDK start existing meeting without logging in

Is there a way to start an existing meeting from android meeting SDK without logging in the user? Maybe through the startUrl or through a signature

Hi @shravanbharatdoda , a user with a Zoom meeting ID and meeting passcode can join a meeting anonymously without having to log into the app.

Yes, here’s some more guidance on this: Start meeting from Android SDK when we have start_url - #5 by carson.zoom

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response @gianni.zoom. I specifically want to know if I can join as a host and start a meeting without logging into zoom account. Maybe through the startUrl or through a signature?

Hi @shravanbharatdoda , yes it is outlined in the post I linked :slight_smile:

@gianni.zoom the answer linked above is from an old SDK. I’m unable to find the same in the new SDK. Can you please guide me?

Hi @shravanbharatdoda , please reference this doc on starting without logging in: Start Meeting ---- Non-login / API User

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