Starting scheduled meeting as host without login

How do you start a scheduled meeting as host without login?

I am working with v5.0.24433.0616 Windows SDK.

I have scheduled a meeting using the REST API, for (not the real email address, obviously) using, and got a meeting ID and password, and then got a ZAK for Then, from the Windows SDK demo app, using the ‘RestAPI Without Login’ tab, I have entered the ZAK and meeting ID, and a suitable user name. The ‘Enter a meeting password’ dialog box appears, I duly enter the meeting password, and then all I get is the ‘Please wait for the host to start this meeting’ dialog, with the spinning cursor. I expected that calling IMeetingService::Start using the ZAK for the host user would have actually started the meeting.

Is there a way to do this? To be clear, I want to start the meeting, not join it. The meeting has been successfully scheduled, with as the host. So why doesn’t IMeetingService::Start actually start the meeting, instead of behaving like IMeetingService::Join?

Hi @gshirreffs,

Thanks for the post. The steps you are describing are the right way to start a scheduled meeting as host with ZAK. Could you provide the SDK log for further investigation?


Attached is the log file. I hope you can shed some light on this, as it seems like a frustratingly simple thing to be held up on.



(Attachment sdk_demo_v2.exe_Video_0.log is missing)

My log file was rejected. How can I supply you the log file? Perhaps I should disguise it as a PNG?

Hi @gshirreffs,

I contact you directly in the in-forum message. Please check. Thanks!

I am facing the same issue, I create scheduled meeting got start_url in response which contain zak… I tried copy pasting that url in browser without logging into zoom but it showing me to sign…

Hey @keval,

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I would try reaching out in the #api-and-webhooks section of the forum for this one :slight_smile: