Zoom Meeting Web SDK on android styling issue

I am using meeting sdk for web version → 2.9.7

I want to use zoom meeting web sdk on mobile web as well (both on android and ios). When i join the meeting on my mobile web on android it does not resize the view to mobile view, but on ios it works perfectly.

I noticed on clicking the full screen button on android it resizes the window to fit the mobile view (after that it looks similar to ios view)

Welcome to the Developer Forum @tech.admin! Thanks for sharing those details. Can you also share a screenshot of the Zoom Meeting Web SDK on the mobile web both on Android and IOS?

Hi @donte.zoom ,
i was able to resolve the above issue. Thanks for replying. Now I am stuck in another error. So we are trying to run zoom on webview, it works fine for iOS but i am not getting any audio for android webview (we are using react-native-webview). On debugging I found that the sdk is giving this error:

“droped audio data before init”
in file → 1502_js_audio_worklet.min.js:1


Thanks for the context. Are you able to share the entire error stack trace? This will help us diagnose what may be happening. Also, you are integrating the Zoom Meeting SDK into React Native application?

Hey @donte.zoom , I was able to solve for this issue as well. Thank you for your reply. We can close this issue

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I’m currently facing this issue in ChromeOS running inside an iframe with the WebSDK component view in embedded mode:

BTW, audio works outside the iframe and iframe permissions seem to be OK.

What was the solution for you?