Embeded webinar on website viewed on mobile - No sound

We are embedding webinars on our website but users viewing the website on phones cannot join audio either on phone or computer

If you select phone, you get

And join Audio by computer button is disabled

Whats wrong ? Is this a limitation of the software ?


Welcome to the Developer Forum. Can you share which version of the SDK you are currently working with?

I believe it is 2.9.5

Thanks for the reply! The version should be printed to the console when initializing the SDK, can share the console logs with us ?


I found this:

Is this the reason users have no sound ?

@cogora , That’s for the support article for the Zoom web client, not the Meeting SDK. Here is the correct documentation you want to reference :


That aside, I will do some testing on my end to if this is reproducible. If it is reproducible, as the next day I will place a bug ticket first matter.