Zoom oAuth App Review Process stuck

We started the Zoom oAuth App Review Process weeks ago. At the beginning the Feedback was really good and we could fix many of the Tasks. Unfortunately Zoom stopped responding since a few days and we stuck in our review Process.

We are at the end of our Release Cycle and need the oAuth app verification to be productive to Release our new Version, otherwise it will not work at all!

We tried to get feedback from zoom from within the review channel but didn’t receive any more feedback until now.

What we need to do to push the review process to it’s end?

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Hi @alexander.brotzge ,

I will check on the status of your app. Can you please submit a support ticket with your app name and production client id and ask to be assigned to me?

Thank you,

Hi gianni,

thanks for your reply, I’ve now opened a support ticket and asked to assign the ticket to you.


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:wave: Jumping on the bandwagon here. I also have a marketplace app under review and am in the same situation. Anything to move this process along would be hugely appreciated!


I also opened a support ticket as you asked @gianni.zoom. Thank you so much for your help!


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