Zoom App Market Security review timing

We submitted our application at the beginning of May and passed the functional test on May 3rd. I’ve reached out multiple times but have had no luck in understanding when the security review would start. The testing notes state up to 6 weeks but it’s now been 8. Any feedback on the processing time would be welcome!


Hi @socialintents , what channels of communication have you used thus far to get in touch about your app?

I’ve opened a ticket which is still open, sent emails to the email addresses I’ve been told to send to for updates: marketplace security, developer support, and marketplace support.

We did go through the initial review process that was managed via google docs and they said the the security team would be in touch within 6 weeks for finishing up the security review.


@socialintents , what’s your ticket number please? I’ll inquire on your behalf!

Hi @gianni.zoom,

Thanks, the ticket # is 14659834.

Thank you @socialintents , waiting for an update!

Hi @socialintents , I was told “this app is currently being reviewed by our a security reviewer and the developer should receive a response by the middle of next week”!

Great! Thanks for tracking this down and pushing this forward. Much appreciated!

No worries! Best of luck with everything @socialintents !

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