Zoom OAuth Login is not working


I was unable to sign in to Zoom from any third-party applications and even from devform.zoom.us . There was error message “Wrong user name or password. Try signing in again.”.

I am sure that my credentials are correct and I was able to sign in to Zoom from https://zoom.us/signin.

Please let me know if you need further details.

I am getting a failure on this page too. I don’t get the “Wrong user name” message, I just keep getting dumped to this login screen.

Hi @onurince & @mhedley, thanks for bringing this to attention. We have other developers reporting this as well. As we investigate, are your users requiring 2FA in their login process? We’ll post updates as we have them

(ZOOM-158091 for tracking)

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I am having this same issue when connecting Front to Zoom.

Hi @michael.zoom, my account does not require 2FA.

We’re seeing the exact same issue as @mhedley - login with a valid email and password just reloads the oauth login page. It appears to only be an issue with the email and password login; it doesn’t happen when I use Google login. 2FA is not being used.

We’re seeing the same problem authorizing with OAuth on iOS (using AppAuth). Taking the client ID and secret and authorizing through a browser on a Mac works fine, but the same authorization through AppAuth on iOS (which uses an in-app SFSafariViewController) shows an invalid username or password error.

We are facing same issue. Login with email and password doesn’t work. Google login works. Please solve the issue

Same issue here. Does anyone know when this issue will be fixed?

Same issue.
Workaround is to sign in on Zoom.us website.

We are also having this issue when we are not previously signed in to the zoom.us website.

Hi @michael.zoom :wave:,

Any updates so far on this issue?

Our users are experiencing this exact same issue. The accounts we have tested with do not require 2FA. Gmail/Google logins seem to work when authenticating with OAuth.

Although the work around of logging in first and then connecting the Zoom account work, majority of our users are confused by the experience and we have had a large number of support requests. Please let us know when the team hopes to have a resolution to this.


Hi @michael.zoom,

We are also experiencing this issue, this is the issue report


Hey @tuancode, @basil, @NGPVANEveryAction, @artem.pylypchuk, @nathant.powers, @jk1, @Kent_Sutherland, @llamaluvr, @onurince, @variuxdavid,

Please see the work around here:


Same here, issue is not fixed, am signed into https://us02web.zoom.us, even tried a reset password, no help there either, have latest version 5.1.2

Hey @drzog,

Please create a new topic as this is already solved.