Zoom participant api not returning participant emails

I am using the Zoom meeting participant api and till yesterday the response of the api was working fine.
But today I am receiving a response but the participant emails are missing from the response for all api calls.

No error message, only email ids missing in response.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

JWT auth

Which Endpoint/s?

API: https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/:meetingId/participants
Method: GET

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request URL : https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/:meetingId/participants
  2. Meeting ID: 89740586075

Example data:

            "id": "6cR83_JLTgmvQCFLAHFU4w",
            "user_id": "16789504",
            "name": "Siva_Gangadhar",
            "user_email": "",
            "join_time": "2022-03-01T07:25:25Z",
            "leave_time": "2022-03-01T07:29:02Z",
            "duration": 217,
            "attentiveness_score": "",
            "failover": false,
            "status": "in_meeting",
            "customer_key": ""

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Additional context
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I’m seeing the same problem, do we know if this is being worked on?

Same problem for me. My client can’t work like this

I am also facing the same problem. By using this email id I am verifying the user with my database.

There has been no response from Zoom on this. Let’s raise this on other platforms like twitter to get more visibility on the issue.

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I am also facing same problem.

No one from Zoom will respond? My client can’t work at because is not possible to check the assistance with their database. We need a response right now. Thanks

So apparently these fields are null if you don’t have HIPAA business associate agreement

This API may return empty values for participants’ user_name , ip_address , location , and email responses when the account calling this API:

No one from Zoom has responded to any of the issues and they have just updated this in the documentation.

This is not acceptable behaviour. We are paying for our accounts.

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I am getting all the following responses except user_email. Is there any problem with ZOOM participant API?

[1] => Array
        [id] => i6qo0-48TnOeBbPHu0lNag
        [user_id] => 16783360
        [name] => PRINCE DESHWAL
        [user_email] => 
        [join_time] => 2022-02-07T04:06:58Z
        [leave_time] => 2022-02-07T04:50:55Z
        [duration] => 2637
        [attentiveness_score] => 
        [failover] => 
        [status] => in_meeting
        [customer_key] => 

[2] => Array
        [id] => ED_tJUB_TuW87y_JLyz1kg
        [user_id] => 16784384
        [name] => SUBODH BISHT
        [user_email] => 
        [join_time] => 2022-02-07T04:06:59Z
        [leave_time] => 2022-02-07T04:50:51Z
        [duration] => 2632
        [attentiveness_score] => 
        [failover] => 
        [status] => in_meeting
        [customer_key] => 

I am not sure if this is related, but when I ran the usage reports last week and today, i don’t seem to see the email addresses omy my meetings participants. I can only see mine. How to I get these now? Thanks

I was able to get it before, but now, it’s not showing. I will appreciate an immediate help to this. Thank you.

Zoom has disabled getting participant emails:

Something to do with user privacy without providing an alternate way to solve for this.
I was using the data to track whether users joined the meeting for not. I have the list of emails of users who should be joining the meeting but with the options provide, I still cannot find out if a user has actually joined or not.


Hi @delta

Please refer to this post:

Hope this helps,

I’m having the same issue. This email id is used to validate the user in my database.


Please see our announcements on API email address display rules and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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