"Advanced" Zoom Phone Call Log API

The Zoom Phone Call Logs APIs seem to be all over the place. I have to call 3 separate APIs AFTER getting the phone.callee_call_log_completed event to get the full details on a single call.

The first call is v2/phone/call_logs/{callLogId} to get all the steps the caller took and to see what agents passed on the call, were busy at the time, etc.

The next call is v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs to get more detailed forwarding information on the call. This has to be called for each of the users that the call passed through and is not “call log specific”.

If I want information regarding the devices used on the call I have to call v2/phone/metrics/call_logs. Again - not “call log specific”.

It would be nice to have one API call that returns ALL of the information regarding a certain call without having to go through all these steps. ex: An “advanced” Call Log Details API that returns everything these other APIs return (most of which is the same information with some extra fields mixed in). Our company in particular uses this information for detailed reporting and agent analytics.