Zoom phone dynamic routing of inbound calls

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Customers who call and have to listen to a long IVR menu before they reach their destination are unhappy customers.
Sometimes it can be confusing to customers which department or person handles their needed service and they may go astray.
If we already know what a specific customer needs (which extension) using their CRM information, I would like to direct them immediately to the specific department or the person handling their case.

Describe the solution you’d like

  1. A new webhook that will trigger on inbound calls to any extension.
  2. A GET request will be performed when triggered. Request will include: extension number and caller number. Reply will include: extension number (to route the call to).
  3. If a reply has been given (before timeout) with an extension, the inbound call will be rerouted to that extension. if not, zoom phone will process the rest of the call normally.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  1. Giving different customers a different phone number to call to - this has problems with branding as the main phone number of the company is well known and extra numbers are known to few, causing customers to mostly target the main number anyway.
  2. Employing a number of secretaries instead of an IVR, who will be able to route manually based on CRM information.

Additional context
In our organization (and I believe in many others) it is easy to assert from CRM data what would the caller want (or what type of caller is it - an existing customer who needs service? a vendor we work with? or someone new who might want to reach sales?). Giving customers the wrong options may lead to dissatisfaction as well as lead them astray (choosing the wrong options on the menu and reaching the wrong department) which waste valuable time.

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