Zoom Phone Marketplace App - Admin scopes

Hi there,

We need to get get all call web hook data related to an account. The only way we know how to do this is to use an admin scope. However, this is preventing access for non admins to authenticate or sign in.

Is there a workaround for this?

One option we are considering is:
If an admin logs in once, does this give me web hooks for the entire account?
Will we still get web hooks from non-admins?


Hi @harrison , are you referring to the embed app? App Marketplace

If there’s additional documentation you referenced for guidance, please share so I can clarify the right supports.

Thanks in advance.

It is an app we have built that is listed on the marketplace. It leverages the Zoom Phone APIs and scopes.

Hi @harrison ,

Apologies for the delay! Sometimes if do not tag us directly, we do not see when people make a response.

I just reviewed your app requirements, permissions and scopes and see that is for account admins. Was this always the case or did you change and republish recently? If it was always designated for account admins, it makes sense why non-admins were unable to log in. You should be able to receive the phone webhooks across the accounts provided the relevant admins have authorized the app.

Please confirm if this is resolved :slight_smile: