Zoom picking up computer audio

Version: 5.4.9 (59931.0110)
OS: Windows 10, 19042.867, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
Device: Dell XPS 13 7390

Problem: Zoom is set to use audio from a jack mic. When jack mic is turned off, Zoom picks up and transmits audio that’s playing on my computer instead.

To reproduce problem:

  1. Start zoom meeting.
  2. Set audio device to “Jack mic”
  3. Turn off the microphone so that it picks up no sound.
  4. Play music on iTunes
  5. Sound of music will be transmitted to meeting participants.

Additional information:
Talking or even screaming into the jack mic (that is turned off) produces no sound for other meeting participants, as expected. This means that Zoom is not picking up sound from the jack mic nor from the computer’s built-in microphone array (which would have picked up my voice), but is taking it directly from the soundcard, or what Windows calls the “Stereo Mix” audio input. However, Stereo Mix is disabled in Control Panel. How is Zoom recording and transmitting audio from an input that is disabled? And why? This is both a privacy and a security concern.

Hey @lazar.konforti,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Are you using the Zoom Windows SDK or the Zoom Windows Application?


When I go to the “About” section, it just says Zoom Version: 5.4.9 (59931.0110). It doesn’t say anything about “SDK” (whatever that is). I just downloaded what I assumed was the only Zoom desktop software for Windows.

Edit: Since I can no longer reply, I’ll edit here. No, the Zoom Help Center is of no help at all. That’s why I sought out a forum. If this is for Zoom SDK, where is the forum for “regular” Zoom? It seems that at every possible turn, Zoom is teIIing me to go f… myself. This app is spyware.

Hey @lazar.konforti,

I see. This forum is for Zoom Windows SDK questions, but you are looking for assistance with the Zoom Windows application. The folks over at Zoom Help Center should be able to help you out :slight_smile: