Not receiving audio on `AudioRawData` interface from Meeting SDK on windows VM

I would like to follow up on this issue:

We are running into the same problem with the latest SDK.

Has this been addressed?
Is there a suggested approach?
I imagine the average use case will be either containerized or virtual…

I see that ZOOM-384578 was created in the prior post but I do not know where to follow up on that as it does not appear when searching for feature requests in the forums.

@gibron , have you tried newer versions of the SDK? It should be fixed.

Another alternative is to use virtual mic / virtual speaker such as VB-Audio Virtual Apps or pulseaudio

@gibron , I’ve missed out the part where you mentioned you are on the latest SDK. which version are you on right now?

Hey @chunsiong.zoom, we were finally able to test more.

I thought we were using latest SDK then I realized we were using the version from this example: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-win-raw-recording-sample: A patch of the Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows that enables raw recording. The sample does not use the latest SDK.

We updated the sample to use the latest SDK and now the example does not work.

Would it be possible to update this example to work with the latest SDK?

@gibron please try out this sample for now

For the sample which you have shared, I’ll ping the author separately to get it updated.

Thanks @chunsiong.zoom, will take a look and try to get it working based on the example.

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