Bad audio quality when sharing

For quite some time, computer sound has been of poor quality when sharing screen (with computeraudio).
It sound like a snapping sound in between the (correct) sound.
Some of the ‘snapping’ could sound like a overrided microphone, but this is not the case…
This has been heared for quit some time and I koped that the update to the latest 64bit SDK would solve it. (Runng 64bit version
Have tried all settings under ‘Music and Professional Audio’, removing echo cancellation and setting High fidelity and stereo on.
Later testing with different computers and also the latest original zoom, shows that it is an issue.
It seems so it is always ok with a few partisipants in the meeting (less that 5), but with more partisipants (Around 50+) the problem increases.
Can anyone help here ?
What would the connection between the number of partisipants and this be?
Some troubleshooting suggestions ?

Hey @bm.erikstad,

Thank you for using the dev forum!

If the Zoom client is experiencing the same issue, you would have to report it here: instead.


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