Zoom prompts for username/password - IOS

We are trying to launch zoom app from our cordova ionic app, running into an issues on IOS, if you are the host clicking on the link, zoom prompts you to enter name and email address once you enter that it says waiting for the host.
we are using this URL Scheme


  1. Zoom prompts for username/password - IOS even when we are sending token
  2. We are initiating chat as a host why is it saying waiting for the host

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. User clicks zoom live chat
  2. User does not have the zoom installed
  3. User installs the app
  4. User clicks on the zoom chat again
  5. User is redirected to the Zoom App but is prompted to enter name and email address
  6. User should not be prompted for the credentials as the zoom access token is passed along

Hey @mahsan

Thanks for using the dev forum!

To make sure I am understanding correctly, when tapping the URL scheme link, the Zoom Client App is opened and the user is then prompted for their email and password in the Zoom Client App?

Is it desired behavior to open the chat within the Zoom Client App or within your application?


Yes, that’s correct.

So we have chat link in our app. When user clicks it should open chat in zoom client app

Hey @mahsan,

Awesome, thank you for the response!

When using a ZAK, the user is considered an APIUser. Can you try adding the stype field to the scheme and setting it to 99?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. So I tried adding param like that and it didn’t work for me, am I doing it correct?

Thanks so much

Hey @mahsan

Sorry about that! I just verified with the team that this is actually desired behavior on the Zoom side. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Let us know if you have any other questions