Disable the passcode or create a new passcode via api


I’m new to using Zoom API so unsure where everything is, my goal is to connect via api, grab the video URL of the recording and the audio url.

When I do this I can grab the link but when entered on a browser it asks for a passcode.

Under recordings /api-reference/zoom-api/cloud-recording/recordingslist I can’t see a reference for passcode.

If the passcode is not available via the api can I

disable the passcode protection on the recordings or

Can I create my own passcode (update the call recordings details)


Hey @JohnQ,

Thanks for joining our developer community, and happy to help clarify.

While the password for a password-protected recording will be provided in the email that is generated when your recording finishes processing, as well as in your recordings page in the UI, I’m afraid it is not currently accessible via the API.

You can, however, adjust this passcode requirement in your account settings from this page:

Let me know if this helps!


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