No join_url from /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants (bug?)

I’m using Zoom API.

How can I get join_url for a participant?

Previously, a POST to /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants returned join_url.
That’s also what your API doc says at

Right now, contrary to documentation, it doesn’t return join_url (bug?)

How can I get it? My flow heavily relies on it.

P.S. I need to get join_url automatically using API, as your letters are in English, and my users don’t understand this language, so I’m sending them letters myself with that link.

An example of request/response:

request: {
  method: 'POST',
  url: '',
  body: {
  email: '[](',
  first_name: 'Марина',
  last_name: 'Якушева'

response: {
  registrant_id: 'FhAxigeZRa6nEOjmDozlgw',
  id: 489446460,
  topic: 'Курс "JavaScript/DOM/Интерфейсы" для новичков 14.10',
  start_time: '2019-12-05T17:00:00Z'
  // previously there was also join_url here

Hey @iliakan, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

You can get the join_url automatically from the Registrant Created Webhook.

Once they registrant is approved, they will be able to join using the join_url.

You can also change the language of the emails being sent in the email settings:


@tommy, thanks for the reply.

So, your API docs are incorrect at this time for this method?

They list join_url in the response

Partially, the join_url is not returned from the response if the approve type is set to manual.

We will work on updating our docs to make this clear. JIRA: DEVELOPERS-544


Right now I use two API calls:

  1. Create a registrant.
  2. Approve.

Is it possible to make one single call for that and get join_url?
That would be the simplest way.

Hey @iliakan,

If you set the approval_type to be 0 (automatic) when creating a meeting, then you don’t have to make the approve API call, and you get the join_url in the Create a registrant response.

If you have to have approval_type 1 (manual) then I would suggest using the Webhook solution I suggest in the post above.


Webhooks are less convenient than direct calls.

If you wanted only approved guys to have join_url, that’s a good thing to change in API.

But then an approve request could provide the link.

Or, even better, when creating a participant, I’d like to immediately create an approved one and get join_url. =) Not make two requests for that.

That’s a valid use case: we have manual approval to limit the participants to only ones that we want. So we can’t have auto-approval.

Creating an immediately approved registrant is a natural thing to have in API, could I ask for that improvement? And the method should return join_url.

Hey @iliakan,

I understand the difficulties in this use case.

I will pass your suggestion on to the team as a feature request.

My best advice for you would be to receive the Registrant Created Webhook after you create the registrant store the join_url, and then send a custom email to the user in their native language with the join_url once they are approved (which you can do automatically with logic from the Registrant Approved Webhook).


Hey @iliakan,

We have updated our docs: