Unable to get "join_url" in Add Meeting Registrant API Response


Unable to get “join_url” value in Add meeting registrant API Response. The meeting I created is a “Manual” approval mode meeting… In that case, I read the API documentation and it is said that it wont pass this info back to the caller… It will only send this info to the actual email id registered to the meeting…

However, we need this info as most of our users come to our system before joining to the meeting… So, we need this join_url sent in the Add Regsitrant API response…

Is there any other way to get this data after successfully adding the registrant to the meeting?


Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a Meeting with “Manual” Approval mode
  2. Add a Registrant for the above meeting with this API call https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{meetingId}/registrants

Can someone please respond to this…

If there is a workaround to disable the public registration page, that solves the problem for us to an extent. This is because now I can change the user registration approval mode to “AUTO”… In that mode, the registration API does send the “join_url” back to the caller…

Hi @vm_chellappan,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

If you have manual approval on for registration, the registrant will be pending until they’re approved, which is why the join_url is not returned in the Add Meeting Registrant response in this case. Once they’re approved, you can retrieve the join URL for the registrant via this endpoint:


Thanks @will.zoom. This means that we have to get the URL by loading all recipients for every approval and then search for this emailid on the response which will time consuming, if we have 100’s of participants for every meeting…

There is no other API which will take a meeting id and participant email or id and return only that specific user’s data after approval… Is that correct?

Hey @vm_chellappan,

You should be able to leverage our Meeting Registration Created webhook for this purpose:

This webhook will be triggered when a registration is created, and also returns the join_url field.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @will.zoom… This sounds reasonable, we will try this out and get back to you…

The only issue is that its asynchronous but still its much better than navigating through a bunch of users to find the one we look for…

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Let us know if you have any other questions / issues! :slight_smile:


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