Zoom Registrations to show up on ZCRM lead

Hi All,
We are using Zoom-Registrations that users have to fill, before they can enter out Zoom-Room sessions
How do i ensure these entries are duly reflected in zoho crm

Please advice
Thanks in advance

Hi @deepa7476
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community
Could you please share the link to the integratino you are using please

Hi Elisa

I have used ZohoCRM - Zoom integration

This works, we are able to schedule ZoomCalls from inside Zohocrm

However, with Zoom-Registrations (before joining the zoomroom) are not showing up on Zoho crm

Have you reached out to the Zoho support team?
Unfortunately, we did not develop the app so I could not tell you if it is a scope issue or what specific issue this could be.

Yes, i have reached to zoho team
The intergration is working from zoho side
ie , when the first touchpoint happens at zoho system , we are able to schedule zoom sessions / invite to ongoing sessions etc

In this current case, the first touchpoint is “Zoom Registration Page” , where the users register and automatically join an ongoing zoom sessions. So, the trigger needs to be on zoom-side.

Hope this helps

Could you be able to share a screen recording of the issue you are having?
Unfortunately I do not understand what the issue is