Webhook: ZoomRoom Alert payload sample

Dear Zoom team
Could you please share payload examples for all the issue type in the zoomroom.alert and zoomroom.delayed_alert webhooks?

Like this

  "event": "zoomroom.alert",
  "event_ts": 1626230691572,
  "payload": {
    "account_id": "AAAAAABBBB",
    "object": {
      "id": "abcD3ojfdbjfg",
      "room_name": "My Zoom Room",
      "calendar_name": "mycalendar@example.com",
      "email": "user@example.com",
      "issue": "Room Controller disconnected",
      "alert_type": 1,
      "component": 2,
      "alert_kind": 1

I want to form matrix like this for filtering purposes

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