Zoom Room Current Issues

I am using a Server-to-Server OAuth app to collect webhook data about my Zoom Rooms. This works fairly well but often times we might get a “Camera has disconnected” message, my technicians on site might not have access to the PC hardware and might just remotely reboot it. When they do that I get a webhook that states “Room has gone offline” and “Room has come online” but no webhook stating that the “Camera has reconnected”.

When I try to double check the room status by using this endpoint it often gives me wrong data https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/zoomrooms/. For example sometimes in reality the issue is gone but this metrics endpoint keeps saying the issue exists.

Is there no https://api.zoom.us/v2/rooms/:roomId/issues endpoint that I can hit to verify that my issues have been resolved? Seems like a miss here.

I just want to be able to query the current issues of one or many rooms.

Hi @egerhardt ,

For the Zoom API Events - Zoom Rooms webhook, do you have a recent example of logs of this behavior that we can review/? I’ll message you so you can send that along with your developer email and production client id.

There is a 1-2 minute lag on metrics endpoint data. How long after resolving are you querying and noticing the discrepancy?

There is this endpoint: Zoom Meeting API
GET /metrics/issues/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId}
Sounds like what you’re looking for!