Zoom Room Dial Teams Call API/ZR-CSAPI

Hi ,
I am using a Zoom Room integrated with google calendar and i have also enabled teams gues join in on my zoom room.

when i use the ZR-CSAPI for booking lists, i can get the meeting id of a zoom call on the calendar and use the regular zcommand to join the call.

If it is a teams invite, how will i use it with the Zcommands?
what is the command or any REST api to use to dial the teams call?

Hi @eo43
Hope you are doing great!
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you been able to work on this issue or do you still need assistance?
I am happy to help here!

Hi Elisa,

I am still looking for a any Rest API or ZRCSAPI to dial a teams call ?

Is it possible ?


Hi @eo43
Here is the link to our Docs for both Rest API for Zoom Rooms

As well as Zoom Rooms Control System API

Unfortunately, we do not have a command to dial a teams call.
Hope this helps,

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