Zoom Room Display Name options

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

How do I use the Zoom Room API to enable two checkboxes under the “Display Name” section of the Rooms Profile for a room. The two checkboxes are “Use on Zoom Rooms and Controller” and “Use Display Name in meetings.” I can set the “Display Name” using the API, but I am having difficulty setting the aforementioned options using the API.

HI @f006zrt
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Sorry for the late reply. here!
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end?
If not, please can you share more details about this issue, including links to the Docs that you are using to call our Endpoints?

Hi Elisa,
Thanks for your response!

No, I have not found a solution yet. I use something like the following as the JSON body of my API patch request:

  "basic": {
    "display_name": "My Personal Meeting Room"

This works, but I would like to also enable the following settings:
Use on Zoom Rooms and Controller
Use Display Name in meetings

The Docs that I am using are:


Look forward to your reply, thank you!

Hi @f006zrt
I have been looking into our Docs and I can not find the right field or endpoint for you to accomplish this. Unfortunately, I do not have the right test environment and I can not test this on my end.
Have you looked into this endpoint?