Zoom room settings and subaccounts guidance

We currently have numerous subaccounts under our master account. We utilize the API to custCreate a user under one of our subaccounts and create a meeting. Through our application, we can search users/room across all of our subaccounts/master account. Some of our subaccounts have zoom rooms and they have been set up such that they have the setting enabled:

“Make zoom room the host if it joins before meeting host”

Setting text:
“When a user schedules a meeting and invites a Zoom Room on the same account , the Zoom Room can start the meeting without the host needing to join from the desktop client or mobile app. This will give the Zoom Room full host controls.”

We have completed basic testing that if a zoom room on the same account as the user/meeting was created, this setting works and the room auto-joins the meeting before the host as expected. When creating the user/meeting in the master account and inviting a room from the sub account, the room goes to “waiting for host”

What are the limitations around these settings? Does “same account” mean same master which all of the subaccounts derive from or does this imply this setting will not be useable cross-subaccount?

Hi @crestall,

In this instance, you will need to think of the sub accounts as their own accounts—the user/meeting should be created under the same sub account as the Zoom Room in order for the Zoom Room to join automatically in the absence of the host.

In these instances, the Master account and sub accounts will operate independently.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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